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Nourish Signature Spa Massage Special Deal ***

Choices of Signature Massage oil : For Relaxation, Stress Relief

This unique form of massage is a great healing touch of our therapists move you into a deep place of relaxation with the Pure fiji exotic warm oil flowing movements and gentle muscle manipulations. A balance blend of pure coconut oil and exotic drift nut oils infused with flower extract to nourish, hydrate and beautify skin. A combination of heated volcanic stones and warm massage oils are applied to massage on your back at the deep muscle level. The stones placed along your spine and move along your back to released muscle tension. The magic hand of therapist moving to relief of mental fatigue of head neck and sculp massage and pressure point on your face to help away the tension. 

This treatment is extremely to relaxation and reduced stressed souls. Bring your mind at ease and have you walk out floating.


60 mins / $160

90 mins / $210

120 mins / $250

Nourish’s Signature Spa Massage 120 mins

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