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 SPA01  :   $ 119 / 45 mins

Sugar Cane harvested from the sun drench plantation of Fiji combined with exotic tropical nut oil nourish skin with Vitamin A, B, C & E to create the ultimate healthy glow. Relax and enjoy as milk from the coconut combine with macadamia and coconut oil are gently massage into the skin followed by application of pure sugar and tropical nut oils ridding the body of dead skin. Revealing new healthy skin as strengthening the skin’s elasticity and replenishing moisture loss.


SPA03  : $109 / 30 mins    ***Special Deals

A relaxing with Royal milk honey mask with gently massage and wrap with body with towels to keep temperature warm and great benefit for hydrated mask. The spa therapist will give a relaxation with head and scalp massage. You are then applied coconut body lotion to promote hydration, nourishing and repairing damage to the deepest layers of your skin.

ISLAND HYDRATING     ***Special Deals

SPA04  : $169 / 75 Mins

Hydrating your skin and detoxifying your system, this treatment will leave your mind renewed, and body restored. Your skin is gently dry brushed and then warmed oil containing vitamins and antioxidants is applied with gently massage. Your body is relaxed then wrapped while a warm oil scalp massage and mini cold stone facial relieves all your tension. This ultimate treatment leaves your body hydrated and restored while your mind stays on “Island Time”.


SPA05  : $80/ 30 mins

Your back is often neglected but you can restore skin to a healthy glow with this perfecting back treatment. An application of Pure Fiji’s AHA Perfecting masque

is applied and massaged in with warm beach stones to begin the exfoliation process enzymes break down skin and remove environmentally damaged skin cells. Next, the skin is buffed to perfection using the Sugar Rub which contains pure cane sugar blended with exotic oils and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This scrub goes deep into the dermal layers removing dead skin cells and allowing the skin to soak up the nutrient rich oils- a treat our backs don’t often get! A nutrient rich Refining Royal Milk Honney Body butter is then applied to complete this service leaving the body relaxed and skin toned, smooth

 PERFECT BODY RITUAL      ***Special Deals

SPA06  : $270/ 90 mins

Get a total skin renewal with this ultimate body treatment. Begin with a body exfoliationto address sun damage, age spots and skin tone with Royal Mik Honey exfoliating and coconut bath soak with rich in AHA is applied with gently massage. Cleans the body then gentle massage to apply the warm AHA  Mask and allowed to work in a warm wrap. A Fijian scalp treatment using Exotic Oil and hair conditioner mask. A final application of a nourishing Botanical Refining Royal milk honey assists the body’s own healing mechanisms to tone, soothe and restore the natural moisture balance found in younger.