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Using Brow Powders or Pencils (the right way)

All eyebrows need a little daily assistance to make a statement. Whether said brows are bushy or sparse, dark or light, the right pencil or powder will help the brows frame the face, creating your look for the day.

experts say: after applying your primers, foundation, concealers and what-nots, start with your eyebrows before the eyes.

It’s the eyebrows that frames the face so getting that done first will set the tone for how much or how little makeup goes on the eyes. Heavy brows are better paired with light eye makeup and vice versa.

Make sure you start with eyebrows that are clean and dry. Use an unused mascara wand or toothbrush (yes, toothbrush) to brush out the brows. Brush upwards and out towards the ends at a 45 degree angle.

Light haired? Go for soft looking brows. When using a brow pencil, go for a shade lighter than your natural hair colour and when using brow powder, choose a colour closest to your natural colour. When in doubt, always go for a shade lighter than your natural brows rather than darker. Layer starting from the bottom tip of the inner corner and brush on your brow powder or pencil in the direction of the hairs. Remember to start with light strokes and when happy with the general shape, layer on darker shades around the arch and towards the inner ends.

Medium weight brows go well with hazels, browns, brunettes and all other shades in between. Fill in the eyebrows by dotting along the bottom of the eyebrows to shape them. Then blend in more colour with a brush. The trick to looking natural is not to overdo the filling in. If your brows are too thin at the moment, fill only slightly, no more than one millimetre above or below the brow shape at a time. Take a look in the mirror to see if you like what you’re seeing. To add a bit more weight to the eyebrows, repeat the process. Add a few (very) light strokes from the brow pencil for a bit of depth, to finish off.

Full and dark brows is the look, start with a colour that is closest to your natural hair colour. Fill in the gaps, preferably with an eyebrow pencil. Then blend in with brow powder that is about half a shade darker than your natural hair colour.

Leave the brow gels to experts as they are finicky to use. If you have been using eyebrow pencils and powders for the last decade and wish to try something new, namely brow gels, transfer a small amount of brow gel to the back of one hand. Then wet the tips of a new mascara brush with the gel and brush very lightly upwards and outwards at a 45 degree angle. Keep building up the gel on the eyebrows until you get the desired results. Until you have mastered the technique of brow gel application, don’t use the applicator brush directly from the tube as that normally pulls out too much gel and thus increasing your risk of a cosmetic disaster.

As a general rule, use a brow gel that is closest to or one shade darker than your eyebrow colour. If you are not using any brow colour for the day, a clear brow gel is a good way to go to keep the eyebrows looking tidy.

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