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Do you know what’s Lymphatic Drainage Massage do ?💆‍♀️

Do you know what’s Lymphatic Drainage Massage do ?❤️♥️

The aims of Lymphatic Drainage Massage is to improve the flow of lymph fluid, which should reduce swelling. Massaging an area without swelling will make space for fluid to flow to those parts from more congested areas.

Who can benefit?💆💆‍♀️

Lymphatic massages can benefit people who have a buildup of lymphatic fluid. This may occur due toTrusted Source:

👉Cancer and cancer treatments that involve the removal of lymph nodes

👉Flariasis, which is an infestation of the lymph nodes by a parasite carried by mosquitoes

👉Some types of vascular surgery, such as vein stripping

👉Burn scar excision

👉Lipectomy, a type of surgery to remove fat from the body

👉Infection or trauma in the lymphatic system

👉A buildup of fluid due to deep vein thrombosis

👉Health conditions that affect blood flow to the extremities

👉Lymphatic buildup affects around 1 in 5 females after treatment for breast cancer.

👉And some indicate that you may need a Lymphatic Drainage Massage with congestion or fullness in your ears, suffer from headaches , stiffness , muscle and joint pain, retaining fluid, breast swelling during your circle,weight gain,feel fatigued or run down.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 💆‍♀️ can get the great results immediately 👍

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